Beaver FlagBeavers is our first and youngest section for those aged between 6 and 8.

Beavers is all about having fun, making friends and learning new skills. They get the opportunity to try out lots of skill and activities as well as taking part in the annual Beaver camp.

They meet every week during term time, except the first week back after a holiday, at the Church Hall in the centre of the village.


Within the Beaver Colony the Beavers are arranged into Lodges giving them opportunities to work together as a team for their Teamwork challenge award.


During their first few weeks new Beavers will learn about being a Beaver and work towards their Membership award.

When they are ready they will make their Beaver Scout Promise and become a member of the Colony.


Moving On

When Beavers approach their 8th birthday they can, if they wish, start the process of moving on to Cubs.

This involves them attending both Beavers and Cubs for a few weeks where they find out more about Cubs and then we have a swimming up ceremony where they officially move up to the Cubs section.

Waiting List

Currently we have a small waiting list of children waiting to be old enough to join the Colony though there are still spaces in the Colony.

Should spaces become limited, priority will be given to those on the waiting list first.