Cub Scout uniform consists of a dark green crew neck jumper/sweatshirt a group scarf/neckie and a identifying Six woggle.

Optionally, during the summer term Cubs can wear a dark green polo shirt instead of the jumper/sweatshirt.

For formal events like the Memorial Service the Cubs should additionally wear dark grey/black trousers/skirt and shoes (not trainers), e.g. school uniform.

Cubs do not need to purchase their uniform for the first few weeks of coming to pack meetings and this can be left until they are happy they want to continue.

The group will provide all the badges, scarf/neckie and woggle, so the only item to purchase is the jumper/sweatshirt.


Cubs moving up from Beavers should move just the following badges from their Beaver Jumper to their Cub jumper. We will re-issue all the other membership badges when they make their Cub Scout Promise.

  • Moving on award
  • Highest Joining In award
  • Highest of any Staged Activity badges that have been gained in Beavers (the blue badges on your arm) 
  • Chief Scouts Bronze award if gained


Cub Badge Positions